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Why2k Music is an independent label offering sounds from the past, present and future.

Our releases :

SIMI NAH : "La Terre est Noire" ALBUM CD + Booklet Why2k Music / Wool-e-discs 07.09.18

SIMI NAH : 'La Terre est Noire (Prélude)' SINGLE Digital - Why2k Music 14.02.2018

SIMI NAH : 'J'en ai marre' SINGLE Digital
Why2k Music 29.11.2017
SIMI NAH : 'Chacun pour soi' SINGLE Digital
Why2k Music 21.06.2017
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SIMI NAH : 'Bootleg' CDR look vinyl
Why2k Music 22.10.2015
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SIMI NAH : 'Be My Guest' CD Digipak
Why2k Music 06.06.2014

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SIMI NAH : 'Dressing Room - The Naked Mix' Digital Download - Why2k Music 16.09.2013

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